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Sharkmob is on an epic adventure and we want you to join us as we explore new territory in the realm of AAA online gaming. Our studios are working on three titles. Our first game, Bloodhunt, is a battle-royale set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe and is available now to play for free on PlayStation®5 and PC.

We are looking for people who want to have fun at work, share ownership, and make smart decisions. Responsible people who have a positive attitude, are passionate about their work and value professionalism. People who can rally behind our guiding principle of “don’t be an asshole.”


We are fortunate to work with things we are passionate about and we have the privilege of creating entertainment for others to enjoy. We believe that if we have fun making games, people will have fun playing them. Fun is also about daring to do mighty things that allow us to reach levels of achievement. All things said, we want a fun, professional experience and so we all must lead by example.


We want everyone to feel like they have a stake in the games we make. Our games are not the brainchild of a few people. We own them together. Shared ownership is at the heart of the Sharkmob adventure. Everyone’s contributions, opinions, and feedback matters. For this to work, everyone needs to respect the big picture and high-level goals of the project.


We embrace a system of "disagree and commit." This means that we accept that we might not always get our way, but we wholeheartedly support the decisions we make as a team. Doing more with less and making an extra effort to find the optimal way forward is always valued. We rely on smart decisions to take us further than otherwise possible. Making games is kind of like rocket science, but harder!



The big Sharkmob adventure started back in 2017 with the founding of the studio. So far it has been an extraordinary experience as we have gone from a small start-up to a global studio group with studios in Malmö and London and 400+ employees.


This has been a dynamic workplace from day one. Most of those who have joined the crew have done so because they like to push the limits, explore new territory and go places nobody has been before. We encourage that!

None of this would have been possible without a solid foundation, formed by years of industry experience and teamwork. As we continue on this epic journey  we do so knowing that we have the resources,  know-how and ability to reach our ambitious goals.

Board game night at the office
Game devs meeting in the London cafeteria


Sharkmob is a full-fledged AAA game studio that develops and publishes our own games. Our three games are powered by Unreal, have strong online multiplayer components, and are developed for PC and console. Our first release was Bloodhunt, set in the Vampire: the Masquerade universe. The other two are proprietary IPs owned and created by us.

Our crew consists of industry professionals from all around the world, and the office language is English. We try to maintain a flat organizational structure with most of the studio management embedded within production and support staff departments. 

The most important part of Sharkmob is its crew - so we always strive for a healthy and productive atmosphere in the office. To facilitate this, we give direct feedback to each other; allow for a good work-life balance; distribute ownership; make time for social events; and allow ourselves to have fun!


We naturally have competitive salaries aligned with industry and regional levels. On top of that we have an annual personal performance bonus and profit sharing where employees share 10% of the projects profit. We offer paid overtime for all employees and pension plans and insurances that make sure you are cared for in the long term. 


Your health matters to us so we have flexible working hours, all employees get six weeks paid vacation and of course public holidays off – because you deserve it. We offer private health-care for expedient service and a free exercise hour once per week during office hours. In Sweden, at the Malmö office, there is parental leave for a total of 480 days per child distributed across both parents. There is also a health care allowance of 5.000 SEK annually to facilitate exercise.


We aim to ensure this is a great place to work. So we provide perks like breakfast and fruit served every day in the office – including free coffee. We have ergonomic workspaces with adjustable desks, great chairs and other individual equipment on request. Social events where the teams have fun together are common, both during and after work. Our offices are located centrally, renovated to spec and designed to accommodate the needs of the employees. And we don’t interfere with side-projects you do outside of work - we’re cool with it!


And then there are tons of other things like personal development and training opportunities to hone trade skills, improve leadership and spread knowledge. HR, IT & office teams dedicated to supporting and assisting the crew. Relocation help for those moving here from far away. And of course offers and discounts at local establishments, stores, hotel chains and so on. We also have a "3 days at the office, 2 days at home" model.


Sharkmob AB was founded in 2017 in downtown Malmö; the city by the Bridge. It is the third largest city in Sweden and Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is just a stones throw away. Resting comfortably on the main square the studio snakes its way through two iconic buildings steeped in history; the Jörgen Kock house and Oxie Härad savings and loans bank. Custom renovated to fit our needs when we moved in you will find everything you need to make great games here including state of the art UX lab, sound studios, cafeterias, meeting rooms, gaming areas, server rooms - even a dedicated workshop for kitbashing and modelmaking!


Sharkmob London Ltd started up in 2020 and moved into its home on 80 Strand in 2022. If you want to live in London, work with AAA and be a part of a team creating its own IP then this is for you!

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Image by Giammarco


At Sharkmob we love building new worlds for our games. While our projects currently in development are worlds away from the rooftops of Prague created for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt, what is common for all projects is that we have poured our heart and souls into our world building. With both games we aimed to create fully realised, living and breathing, believable game universes for our players to explore. But we also believe in taking responsibility for our own world, the world we live in.


With responsibility being a cornerstone of our studio culture and it extends beyond simply making games. Part of that means taking responsibility for the stewardship of our planet. It’s our place among the stars, our home planet and well worth protecting.


Since we were founded in 2017, we’ve set up and grown two studios – first in Malmö, then in London. Across both sites we’ve striven to make choices with the environment in mind. This means that today we are 100% CO2 free in our offices’ energy consumption, 88% CO2 free electricity for back end and our regional servers are 3%-96% CO2 free (depending on region). In addition to this we have fully electric company cars (in Sweden), and we CO2 offset all our flights. Where possible we’ve always used local suppliers and pushed for bike delivery. We’ve used pre-loved furniture in both studios, whilst our London office energy supply is from fully renewable sources. We also have a code of conduct clause in the contracts with our vendors, and our hybrid work policy reduces CO2



CO2 free energy consumption in our offices



CO2 free electricity for back-end servers



CO2 free regional servers (depending on region)


We are signatories of the United Nations’ Playing for the Planet alliance, which supports the video games industry to take action to reduce its environmental impact and aims to address some of the world's biggest environmental challenges through creativity and technology.  


Working with the UN and our other pledge partners we focus on meeting individual and collective objectives. At Sharkmob we have made commitments to reduce and offset out carbon footprint in 2024, with the aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2023.  


Whilst our focus will always be to make great player experiences, we will always do so with a responsible approach. That's all part of the great adventure that Sharkmob’s crew is on!  

Flygfoto över Islands
Save the Children Bloodhunt.jpg


We also take an active and focused stance in supporting children's causes and people in the industry just starting their careers. As an example, Bloodhunt teamed up with Save the Children to run a charity stream event. With the support of our players, we helped children in need around the globe. We’ve also worked locally with a children's hospital to provide supplies and entertainment to ease the stay and recovery of their patients. 


We believe making games should be fun. Do you agree?

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