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We are currently working on two major projects. These are highly ambitious, AAA projects powered by the Unreal Engine 5. One is developed with Malmö as lead studio and the other by London. It is no secret that we love action-packed, online, social experiences - so it is safe to say that these games contain such elements.


Wanting to push technology to its limits, we of course develop for PC and next-gen consoles.

Sharkmob London group picture

Bloodhunt, a new kind of Battle Royale experience set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. Developed from the ground up in close collaboration with the World of Darkness brand team.

For the first time ever, experience the concept of vampires at war as sects clash in the city of Prague, triggered by the arrival of strike-teams from the Second Inquisition. Use your vampiric powers, weapons and wit to eradicate your enemies and deal with the hunters – all while you struggle to maintain The Masquerade.

This is a third person free-to-play game where you will battle players and computer controlled enemies as you fight to become the last vampire standing. Your hunting ground is the beautiful Old Town of Prague, rendered with high fidelity graphics. Your character is customizable, allowing you to play a vampire that you have created.

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