Working for a Swedish company comes with its own set of perks, by default. In a country that consistently ranks among the best in terms of quality of life and happiness it comes as no surprise that the work-force is quite well taken care of – you are for example entitled to 480 days of parental leave per family, healthcare and schools are covered by your taxes, we fika frequently and the work-life balance favors the employees. We value, and love, all of that!

Given our profession, we like to take things to the next level though. That's why we offer six weeks paid vacation and allow for some flexibility in work hours in order to meet the challenge of nailing that puzzle we call life. The studio often sponsors after-work events, cinema visits and other socials too in order to bring the team closer together. There are of course pension benefits, so you are well taken care of years from now when you look back with fondness on your game development career. According to some employees the biggest benefit is the option to freely develop your own side-projects outside of your work at the studio. In a creative industry, we’d be crazy to limit the teams creativity – so we don’t.  So bring your creativity, passion and love for games; we will see you well taken care of!




  • The capital of Denmark is just across the bridge

  • Copenhagen International airport is a short train ride away

  • Malmö is Sweden's third largest city with 300,000+ citizens

  • Lund, city next door, has the oldest university in the Nordics

  • The country-side is dotted with smaller towns and villages

  • Limitless leisure, pleasure and entertainment opportunities

  • No car needed - extensive train & bus routes cover the region

  • A hotbed for science, game development & higher learning

  • Read more about it here

By international standards Malmö is a small city, but since it is one of the largest cities in Sweden it comes with a full range of experiences and services. The city itself is diverse and bustling, constantly renewing itself and expanding. If you want excitement and a good time, and can't find it in Malmö, just hop on the train to Copenhagen some 20 minutes away. Outside the city you find smaller towns where life is a bit slower and housing much cheaper - a fantastic opportunity for every family.

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