Office photo, Sharkmob, 2019


Fredrik Rundqvist, CEO Sharkmob, 2019

Photographer Evelina Gustavsson


Office photo, Sharkmob, 2019

Photographer Evelina Gustavsson


Sharkmob Management team, 2019

Photographer Evelina Gustavsson

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The Sharkmob team, 2019

Photographer Evelina Gustavsson


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Anders Holmquist

Technical Director

Anders has a long background in programming, originally starting outside the gaming industry. Before Sharkmob he held the position as Technical Director for both Tom Clancy's the Division and the proprietary Snowdrop game engine that powered it.

Fredrik Rundqvist

Fredrik has worked in different creative industries for more than 20 years. He started out as product manager for the legendary Mute records in the 1990s, working with bands such as Nick Cave and Depeche Mode. As COO at Ubisoft Massive he was working with the Assassins Creed and Far Cry teams, and later as Executive Producer on The Division.

Martin Hultberg

Martin has been in the gaming industry for closer to two decades, both on the publishing and development side. Recent credits include working as Head of Communications at Ubisoft Massive and IP Director on Tom Clancy's the Division.

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Petter Mannerfelt

Petter started his career as a programmer and over the years he moved on to hold positions as Lead, Producer and eventually Game Director on Tom Clancy's The Division.

Rodrigo Cortes

Art Director

Rodrigo has worked with art for videogames for almost 20 years. Past work includes positions like Brand Art Director for Tom Clancy's the Division and Art Director for the recent Hitman game.

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