We recognize that Sharkmob stands and falls with the people working here. That is why we have a thorough recruitment process and always prioritize caring for existing staff over recruiting more people. We will never grow just for the sake of growth - it's all about what the projects and team needs. The studio is a multi-national home to people from all over the world like France, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. The background is diverse, as is the level of experience with the industry. Everyone has an equal ownership in the projects we work on - driving features, providing feedback and sharing knowledge to ensure we create the best possible game. It is a shared responsibility where everyone is an essential part of the team.

​"I love how flexible and forthcoming the management is in meeting my personal needs. Work-life balance is more than just a set phrase and side projects are not only allowed but highly encouraged."

Martin Wikner, Writer & Video Creator

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