Our priority is to make great games others can enjoy. One step in that process is to hear straight from you, the players. This is where our Research End-User Experience Facility (REEF) comes in.


The REEF is located inside the big, old bank vault of our Malmö office. Here we can bring testers to try games we or partners develop, discuss what you thought about it and figure out how to improve the experience going forward.

  • Please note that these tests are done on-site at the studio in Malmö, Sweden.

  • You cannot work for a competing gaming company.

  • You need to be 18 or older.

  • All participants will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement as the games you play and information you get often is confidential and still under development.

If you want to help out and try games you can sign up for the tests on our REEF Facebook page.

Bloodhunt - Screenshot - Steam - Mid Air